AAS 2017 Book Prizes

We are happy to announce the winners of this year’s AAS book prizes that will be awarded at the upcoming annual conference in Toronto.

Joseph Levenson Pre-1900 Book Prize (China)

Ping Foong, The Efficacious Landscape: On the Authorities of Painting at the Northern Song Court, Harvard University Asia Center

Honorable Mention: Anna Shields, One Who Knows Me: Friendship and Literary Culture in Mid-Tang China, Harvard University Asia Center 

Joseph Levenson Post-1900 Book Prize (China)

Christopher Rea, The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China, University of California Press

E. Gene Smith Book prize (Inner Asia)

Janet Gyatso, Being Human in a Buddhist World: An Intellectual History of Medicine in Early Modern Tibet, Columbia University Press

John Whitney Hall Book Prize (Japan)

Noriko Manabe, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Protest Music After Fukushima, Oxford University Press

Honorable Mention: Federico Marcon, The Knowledge of Nature and the Nature of Knowledge in Early Modern Japan, University of Chicago Press

James D. Palais Book Prize (Korea)

Jisoo Kim, The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Choson Korea, University of Washington Press

Honorable Mention: Hyun Ok Park, The Capitalist Unconscious: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea, Columbia University Press

Bernard S. Cohn Book Prize (S. Asia)

Sonal Khullar, Worldly Affiliations: Artistic Practice, National Identity, and Modernism in India, 1930-1990, University of California Press

Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Book Prize (S. Asia)

John S. Hawley, A Storm of Songs: India and the Idea of the Bhakti Movement, Harvard University Press

Harry J. Benda Book Prize (SE Asia)

Kimberly Kay Hoang, Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work, University of California Press

George McT. Kahin Book Prize (SE Asia)

Tania Li, Land’s End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier, Duke University Press

Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials

Anne Prescott, East Asia in the World: An Introduction, Routledge