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Access to AAS Job Board listings is available to all current members of AAS.
The posting of employment listings on the AAS Job Board is open to members and non-members.
Please note that listings typically expire two months after the posting date.

Please read the information and instructions below before entering the Job Board.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Do not create your own individual account but first contact the AAS
at ads@asian-studies.org if you have an individual account which has not been
previously linked to your organization OR if you do not have an existing individual account.


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AAS Job Board Information and Instructions
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AAS Job Board Information and Instructions
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The posting of employment listings is open to the public (AAS members and non-members). However, in order to post a listing, you must have an individual account which is linked to your organization. Once linked, this individual account will be used for all future listings as well.

Please do not create your own individual account but first contact the AAS (ads@asian-studies.org) if you have an individual account which has not been previously linked to your organization OR if you do not have an existing individual account.

As an AAS member, individuals may browse listings and add their resumes for review by potential employers. As an Employer, organizations may post listings, access their own listings, and browse resumes during the posting period.


There are no deadlines since listings are posted on a rolling basis. However, it is highly recommended that listings be submitted at least one week prior to the desired listing date to allow time for payment, approval, and processing the listing. 


Listings are posted for a minimum of two months. The posting period starts once the listing is activated. Listings will be posted immediately on the submission date when possible based upon approval, payment, and the requested posting date. However, it may take up to several days from the submission date for listings to be posted.

Listings may be removed earlier by request by contacting the AAS (ads@asian-studies.org). However, they will be charged the standard two-month rate based on word count. No discount applies for early removal.


Listings may be extended for an additional month at a rate of one-half the cost of the original listing and pre-payment by credit card is required before the extension begins. Employers must send an extension request by email to the AAS (ads@asian-studies.org) at least one week prior to the expiration of the original listing.


Changes to listings can be made by employers only up until the approval process begins and before listing are posted. After this time, the AAS (ads@asian-studies.org) must be contacted to make minor changes which do not drastically affect word count, such as application deadlines, replacing links, grammar mistakes, etc. Major changes such as the listing start date, increasing word count, etc., will not be permitted after payment is processed and the listing is approved.


Listings are posted to the AAS Job Board after the AAS has received payment, either by credit card or check. Once payment is received, the AAS will review the listing and activate it upon approval. An email notification will be sent once the approval process is complete.

The AAS may revise listings to standard formatting and reserves the right to edit submissions. The AAS will review only major changes with the employer before posting. No refunds will be issued for reduced word count resulting from this process.


When formatting the listing, please use the font Segoe UI the and font size 2. All links should be set to open in a new window.


Employer access to AAS member resumes will be available from the listing post date until the listing expiration date once an employer has made payment and after the listing is approved and active on the job board.


Job listings are posted for two months and charged based on word count; 0-200 words is $200, then $100 for every 100 words after that.

For example:
0-200 words = $200
201-300 words= $300
301-400 words= $400
401-500 words= $500
501-600 words= $600
601-700 words= $700


AAS requires pre-payment before listings are posted. Payment options include:
  1. Online by Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

  2. Invoice by mail: To receive an invoice and mail a check, please select the ‘Print Invoice and Pay by Mail or Fax’ option and include a copy of the invoice with the mailing. Listings will be posted only after checks are received by the AAS Accounting Department in the office.

  3. Invoice by fax: To receive an invoice and fax your credit card information, please select the ‘Print Invoice and Pay by Mail or Fax’ option and follow the fax instructions.

  4. Wire Transfer: Wire transfers cannot be handled through the online system. Please contact the AAS (ads@asian-studies.org) for details and instructions.


AAS Receipts will be received immediately online once payment has been made along with a confirmation email which includes the listing duration dates after payment has been processed and approval has been granted.


AAS reserves the right to handle refunds at its discretion, which may include processing fees.


The AAS does not knowingly accept listings from employers who discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression.


Click the following link to view a sample of an AAS Job Board listing: AAS Job Board Sample Listing


Please contact ads@asian-studies.org for questions and assistance with placing your listing on the AAS Job Board.

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