Regional Conferences

Nine regional scholarly organizations of Asianists are affiliated with the Association for Asian Studies. These regional conferences are independent entities with their own leadership and members.

The regional conferences are dedicated to building supportive communities of Asianists in the regions in which they operate. Their annual meetings particularly welcome participation by graduate students. Many of them also strive to make their programs attractive to K-12 teachers. All are open to participants from across the world.

The AAS encourages the activities of the regional conferences by providing financial support and assistance in publicizing their meetings. Each regional conference promotes the AAS by sharing information about the AAS with its members.

As an affiliate of the AAS, each regional conference sends a representative to the AAS Council of Conferences. The nine regional Asian Studies conferences currently affiliated with the AAS are listed below.

Information about the annual meetings of the regional conferences may be found on the Regional Conferences—Upcoming Meetings page.

Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)

ASCJ emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarly exchange on Asia in English-language format to broaden communication among researchers of diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC)

Members come from the West coast of the United States of America, Hawaii, and Guam, as well as from Canada, Mexico, and most of the countries/areas of the Pacific region including: China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, etc. ASPAC normally holds its annual conference in June, encourages the participation of graduate students, and offers prizes to the authors of the best student papers presented at the conference.

Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies (MAR/AAS)

MARAAS is a non-political, non-profit scholarly organization dedicated to bringing Asia and America together. Since 1971, MAR/AAS has offered conferences, publications and outreach activities to an increasingly large public in the mid-Atlantic region. MAR/AAS serves the area from metropolitan New York City down to Washington, DC, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Midwestern Conference on Asian Affairs (MCAA)

MCAA was established in the 1950s and became a regional conference of AAS in 1967.MCAA activities include an annual conference each autumn, prizes for graduate and undergraduate papers on Asian topics, and publication of a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Studies on Asia, twice a year.

New England Association for Asian Studies (NEAAS)

NEAAS provides a forum for scholars in New England and beyond to share their research through its annual meeting.

New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS)

NYCAS draws its membership primarily from those interested in Asia who live, study, and work in New York state, but welcomes participation from anywhere in the world. The annual conference is held on a different New York campus each year in the fall. In addition to panels and roundtables, NYCAS conferences usually feature an outreach activity for school teachers and/or the public, in addition to a cultural performance. Annual conferences have been held since 1965. NYCAS awards annual prizes for student writing on Asia.

Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (SEC/AAS)

The SEC/AAS is a non-political, non-profit scholarly organization dedicated to promoting the study of Asia in the southeastern region of the United States. To that end, SEC/AAS has held (since 1962) an annual three-day conference featuring scholarly panels, teacher workshops, and book exhibits.

Southwest Conference on Asian Studies (SWCAS)

SCWAS was established in 1972 in order to a) to form a nonpolitical, nonprofit professional association of persons interested in Asian Studies; b) to promote interest in and scholarly study of Asia; c) to promote cooperative activities and exchange of information in the field of Asian Studies within the southwestern United States.

The Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS)

WCAAS is one of the oldest regional affiliates of the Association for Asian Studies and covers the Intermountain West. Founded in Salt Lake City in 1962 by local teachers and researchers of Asian Studies, it holds an annual meeting that attracts scholars from all over the Intermountain West, the United States, North America, and the world. The WCAAS annual meeting is typically held in late September or early October each year. Faculty, independent scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates are all invited to attend.