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Each panel session room will include the following audio visual equipment: 

  • One (1) LCD Projector and screen for PowerPoint presentations
  • One (1) Podium Microphone; Roundtable sessions will also include table microphones.
  • Connection for PC computers* (Apple Computer users should bring their own display port to connect to the projector)
  • Sound and speakers
  • All meeting rooms will have a wireless internet connection

Panel Participants DO NOT need to contact the AAS separately to request equipment or confirm that the meeting room will include this equipment.  

Meeting Rooms WILL NOT include:

  • Computers - The AAS does not provide computers for panel sessions.  Panelists are responsible for coordinating the use of a computer with their fellow panelists.  We recommend using one computer for a session, rather than each presenter switching out computers for each presentation.  This would require each presenter to bring their presentation on a separate thumb drive, or coordinate uploading all presentations to one computer for a more seamless presentation.
  • Additional equipment beyond what is provided above including, recording devices, overhead projector, DVD players, etc.

Apple computer users should bring their own display port to connect to to the projector.  Because there are a variety of apple computers models, the A/V company cannot accommodate a connection to the Projector for all types of computers.  If you are using an apple computer for your panel presentation, please make sure to bring this port connection with you.  Below is a sample image of mini-display port for apple computer.