Asia Beyond the Headlines

(Late Breaking Panels)

Participatory Publics: Civil Society, Pluralist Discourses, 

and People Power in Asia

Friday, March 17 - 12:45pm - 2:45pm

Sheraton Centre Hotel - City Hall, 2nd Floor

Even as many governments around the world attempt to clamp down on civil society activity, we continue to see examples of people coming together to advocate for change and protest injustices. This Asia Beyond the Headlines panel will examine the state of public engagement in activism and protest in Thailand, Pakistan, China, Timor-Leste, South Korea, and Hong Kong, and how government leaders have responded to those actions. Tyrell Haberkorn (Australian National University) will moderate a discussion among Fayyaz Baqir (McGill University), Diana Fu (University of Toronto), Gabriela Leite-Soares (Catalpa International, Timor-Leste), Nan Kim (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Sebastian Veg (EHESS).


U.S.-Asia Relations under the Trump Administration

Saturday, March 18 - 10:45am - 12:45pm

Sheraton Centre Hotel - Dominion Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

What lies ahead for U.S.-Asia relations with Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office? What are some of the hot-button issues that President Trump will have to negotiate with his Asian counterparts? How might his policies differ from those of Barack Obama, who sought to “rebalance” the American relationship with Asian countries? Five experts will discuss these questions and more in this Asia Beyond the Headlines panel, which will feature John Delury (Yonsei University), Tanvi Madan (The Brookings Institution), Vincent Ni (BBC World Service), Tom Pepinsky (Cornell University), and Sheila Smith (Council on Foreign Relations); Mary Gallagher (University of Michigan) will moderate.

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