AAS 2018 Annual Conference

March 22-25 | Washington, D.C.

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Deadline for Receipt of All Proposals is August 8, 2017.

Deadline to submit post for this forum is July 31, 2017

The AAS has provided below a forum for individual seeking assistance in connection with submitting a session proposal.

How to use the forum:

If you have a session you would like to propose and need a few more individual to participate - click the Sessions Organizers seeking Participants forum. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic

If you are an individual and would like to participate on a session in Washington, D.C. but do not have enough contacts to form a session proposal, click Participants Seeking Sessions. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic.

Please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name, affiliation and how you would like to be contacted.
  2. The topic of your proposed session or the topic of your paper
  3. The geographic area of study that best represents this topic

Important note for anyone using this forum.  Posting session or paper information here is not a substitution to submitting a formal proposal using the online application form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the organizer of a session receives the information requested and/or your responsibility to ensure the information is submitted in a timely manner.

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Last Post
Producing Localness in the Everyday
Edwin Everhart
0 446
24 Jul 2017 02:35 AM
Festivals, Celebrations & Events - Identities Shaping and Hegemony Resistance in Asia
Clement Tong
0 521
23 Jul 2017 08:33 PM
Art and Activism in Postwar Japan
Ayako Kano
0 475
22 Jul 2017 09:58 AM
Transformations of love and desire in Late Imperial Chinese Literature
Ling Rao
0 483
21 Jul 2017 05:05 PM
Refuge and Refugees
Christina Kilby
0 481
20 Jul 2017 05:17 PM
South Asia and the Environmental Legacies of Modernization
Joya John
0 401
20 Jul 2017 02:21 PM
Climate Change and South Asia: New Directions in Global Energy and Environmental Scholarship
Joya John
2 563
by  Joya JohnJump to last post
20 Jul 2017 02:18 PM
Cross-Culture Kurosawa: Literary Cinematic Adaptations as Transnational Dialogues
Le-Na Dao
0 402
19 Jul 2017 11:21 PM
Masculinity through the Female Gaze in South Asia (deadline: July 17th)
Susmita Roye
2 806
by  Van HoJump to last post
19 Jul 2017 07:53 PM
A Diversified View of the Middle-Class in China
Xinyan Peng
5 738
by  Xinxin JiangJump to last post
19 Jul 2017 11:47 AM
Searching for Spirtuality and Authenticity in Reform Era Tibet
Gideon Elazar
0 385
18 Jul 2017 05:30 AM
Asia's emerging Great Game in Africa?
Jackson Miller
1 930
by  Rajesh KumarJump to last post
17 Jul 2017 10:57 AM
Transgender Narratives in Japanese Media
Colleen Laird
1 610
by  Colleen LairdJump to last post
17 Jul 2017 07:55 AM
Social Working Citizenship
Emily Rook-Koepsel
2 566
by  France AzemaJump to last post
16 Jul 2017 10:46 AM
Mobilization, Body Politics and the Visualization of the Evil (tentative title)
0 545
15 Jul 2017 06:24 PM
Democratic Consolidation in Asia: Exploring Recent Trends in Asian Democracy
Deanna Kolberg
0 406
15 Jul 2017 05:03 PM
CFP: Papers for AAS panel on Disaster Temporality
Chika Watanabe
1 519
by  Kalpana ChaudhariJump to last post
15 Jul 2017 02:32 PM
Gender mapping -The role of sex / gender in the division and the definition of spaces
France Azema
0 581
15 Jul 2017 10:41 AM
CFP: Art and technologies: Asia
Dongchen Hou
0 575
13 Jul 2017 09:00 AM
Global perspectives on the early communist movements in the Malay world
Rianne Subijanto
1 415
by  Rianne SubijantoJump to last post
13 Jul 2017 07:36 AM
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