AAS 2018 Annual Conference

March 22-25 | Washington, D.C.

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Deadline for Receipt of All Proposals is August 8, 2017.

Deadline to submit post for this forum is July 31, 2017

The AAS has provided below a forum for individual seeking assistance in connection with submitting a session proposal.

How to use the forum:

If you have a session you would like to propose and need a few more individual to participate - click the Sessions Organizers seeking Participants forum. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic

If you are an individual and would like to participate on a session in Washington, D.C. but do not have enough contacts to form a session proposal, click Participants Seeking Sessions. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic.

Please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name, affiliation and how you would like to be contacted.
  2. The topic of your proposed session or the topic of your paper
  3. The geographic area of study that best represents this topic

Important note for anyone using this forum.  Posting session or paper information here is not a substitution to submitting a formal proposal using the online application form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the organizer of a session receives the information requested and/or your responsibility to ensure the information is submitted in a timely manner.

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Last Post
Global perspectives on the early communist movements in Southeast Asia
Rianne Subijanto
0 404
13 Jul 2017 07:35 AM
Belonging in South Asia and the Diaspora
Vinamarata Kaur
0 609
12 Jul 2017 02:43 PM
Disasters and Crises in East Asia
Daniel Aldrich
0 426
10 Jul 2017 06:43 PM
Environmental Issues, Disaster Risk Management, and Health Issues in Southeast Asia
Ma. Luisa Bolinao
2 746
by  Ma. Luisa BolinaoJump to last post
07 Jul 2017 11:30 PM
Japanese constitution, peace, and sovereignty
Tomoyuki Sasaki
0 521
07 Jul 2017 04:07 PM
East Asia: Alliances and Rivalries
Jefferson Mendez
0 623
07 Jul 2017 09:01 AM
Family and Gender in the Japanese Empire
Tadashi Ishikawa
0 574
03 Jul 2017 04:07 PM
Disability in China/Asia
Wing Shan Ho
0 584
02 Jul 2017 10:45 PM
CFP: Rethinking the Epochal Breaks in Twentieth-Century China
Zhaojin Zeng
0 643
01 Jul 2017 12:26 PM
Chinese Intellectuals and Cultural Landscape in Hong Kong, 1949-1997
Da Zheng
0 509
30 Jun 2017 09:18 PM
CFP: Gender and Transitional Societies in Southeast Asia
Mollie Pepper
0 622
28 Jun 2017 12:47 PM
cfa - panel on Chinese Muslim Restaurants around the World
Jacqueline Armijo
0 460
27 Jun 2017 08:06 PM
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