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Looking for a someone to share room with while at the AAS annual conference in Washington, DC? Register with this Roommate Finder service to let others know that you are looking for someone to share a room (and costs) with while in Washington, DC. Please note: Only

AAS members only are permitted to use this service to avoid prank or other spurious submissions.

It is your responsibility to make contact with prospective roommates and to make final hotel arrangements. Individuals should conduct their own appropriate inquiries or screening. The Association for Asian Studies assumes no responsibility for your arrangements.

For the safety and security of individuals using this roommate finder service, you must be a member of the AAS to post or reply to messages on this forum.  For more information, visit the AAS member page.

Any messages posted on this forum unrelated to the 2018 annual conference and roommate search will be deleted immediately by the AAS administrator.

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Last Post 24 Feb 2018 04:17 PM by  Xiaoping Cong
Search for a room and a female roomate
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Jia Yan
New Member
New Member

23 Feb 2018 11:22 AM
    Hi, I am a teacher of translation at Civil Aviation University of China and currently a visiting scholar at University of Oklahoma. I have just signed up for the meeting and looked for a place to stay during the meeting. I am very happy to share a room. If anyone is interested, please contact me through jia.yan-1@ou.edu. Thank you very much for reading this!
    Xiaoping Cong
    New Member
    New Member

    24 Feb 2018 04:17 PM
    Hi, I am going to attend the AAS arriving on 3/22 and leaving on 3/25. I do not have a room reservation but am looking for someone willing to share her room with me. Please contact me at xcong@uh.edu. Thank you very much.
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