AAS CIAC Smith Book Prize Competition

The E. Gene Smith Inner Asia Book Prize, offered biennially, honors outstanding and innovative scholarship across discipline and country of specialization for a book on Inner Asia.

The Prize, named to honor the distinguished scholar of Tibet, Mongolia, and other areas of Inner Asia, E. Gene Smith, carries with it a $1,000 award for the author. Books nominated may address either contemporary or historical topics in any field of the humanities or the social sciences related to any of the countries and regions in the wide swath of Asia stretching from the eastern border of Afghanistan to Mongolia, i.e., Tibet, Xinjiang or Mongolia, including peoples coming recently from those areas.

To be eligible, books must have a 2017 or 2018 copyright date. A copy of each entry, clearly labeled "Gene Smith Prize" must be sent to each member of the committee by June 30, 2019. Either presses or individuals may submit books, and it is suggested that authors consult with their presses concerning submission. The prize will be awarded at the AAS Annual Conference in 2020. Eligible authors should be aware that since many publishers do not automatically submit nominations, authors must assume responsibility for having their books be placed in nomination and sent to each member of the prize committee.

Smith Prize Committee:

  • Ron Sela (Chair), 2121 E Woodstock Pl, Bloomington, IN 47401
  • Ruth Dunnell, 4443 N. Leavitt St. 1S, Chicago, IL 60635
  • Loretta Kim, Flat 3B, Block 10, Double Cove, 8 Wu Kai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong 0000

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