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Job listings are posted for two months and charged based on word count; 0-200 words is $200, then $100 for every 100 words after that.

For example:
0-200 words = $200
201-300 words= $300
301-400 words= $400
401-500 words= $500
501-600 words= $600
601-700 words= $700


AAS requires pre-payment before listings are posted. Payment options include:

  1. Online by Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
  2. Invoice by mail: To receive an invoice and mail a check, please select the ‘Print Invoice and Pay by Mail or Fax’ option and include a copy of the invoice with the mailing. Listings will be posted only after checks are received by AAS staff in the office.
  3. Invoice by fax: To receive an invoice and fax your credit card information, please select the ‘Print Invoice and Pay by Mail or Fax’ option and follow the fax instructions.
  4. Wire Transfer: Wire transfers cannot be handled through the online system. Please contact the AAS at ads@asian-studies.org for details and instructions.


  1. Log in to your individual account at www.asian-studies.org.
  2. Select "Job Board."
  3. Select "Enter Job Board."
  4. Select “I wish to add a job listing as an institution or other employer and/or view my current listing and/or search member resumes.”
  5. Select the job by number under "My Job Listings."
  6. Click the job number to view the job.
  7. Select "Submit Changes" (without making any changes).


AAS Receipts will be received immediately online once payment has been made, along with a confirmation email which includes the listing duration dates.

To access your receipt, please follow the instructions below:

  1. After signing in, you will immediately be taken to your Individual Account page. However, to view a list of orders for your organization, click on "Manage Organization and Employees."
  2. The next screen will display the Account page for your Organization. Scroll to the bottom under "Recent Orders". Click the page symbol under "View" next to the order of the receipt you would like to obtain.
  3. A new window containing your pdf receipt will open, which can be saved, downloaded, and/or printed.


Listings are posted for a minimum of two months. The posting period starts once the listing is activated. Listings will be posted immediately on the submission date, when possible, based upon payment, approval, and the requested listing date. However, it may take up to several days from the submission date for listings to be posted.
Listings may be removed earlier upon request by contacting the AAS at ads@asian-studies.org. They will be charged the standard two-month rate based on word count. No discount applies for early removal.


Listings may be extended for an additional month at a rate of one-half the cost of the original listing. Pre-payment by credit card is required before the extension begins. Employers must send an extension request by email to the AAS at ads@asian-studies.org at least one week prior to the expiration of the original listing.


AAS reserves the right to handle refunds at its discretion, which may include processing fees.


Review our Job Board FAQs page or contact us at ads@asian-studies.org for questions and assistance with placing your listing on the AAS Job Board.


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