AAS Member Spotlight: Joshua Fogel

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Prof. Joshua Fogel, Canada Research Chair (Tier One) and Professor, History Dept., York University (Toronto)

History; China and Japan

How long have you been a member of AAS?

35-40 years

Why did you join AAS and why would you recommend AAS to your colleagues?

It was my professional organization, and I consider myself an Asianist before any disciplinary affiliation. AAS is the best way to keep informed of professional activities in the field.

How did you first become involved in Asian Studies?

Through classes taken as a college student 45 years ago (Univ. of Chicago).  The rest is history.

What do you enjoy most or what have been your most rewarding experiences involving your work in Asian Studies?

Meeting colleagues with shared interest(s), organizing and attending conferences in North America and East Asia.

Tell us about your current or past research. (Please limit to 250 words).

1. Just started a project on the Esperanto movement in China and Japan.  
2. Finishing a textbook on Japanese for Sinologists
3. I'm also working on a translation of Saeki Arikiyo's two-volume Gishi Wajinden o yomu 魏志倭人伝を読む.

What advice or recommendation do you have for students interested in a career in Asian Studies?

Don't be overly concerned about the future job market.  Let your passion be your guide, but never (ever) let your language training slip.

Outside of Asian Studies, tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

I have published six books in the field of Jewish studies (including one volume of translation and one edited volume); I'm also continuing to post translations of the thousands of biographies from an 8-volume biographical dictionary of Yiddish and Hebrew writers.

Fogel, Joshua

"Let your passion be your guide, but never (ever) let your language training slip."

— Joshua Fogel