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Dr. Maria-Dolores Garcia-Borron, Independent Scholar and Filmmaker

Comparative Linguistics & Literature, Comparative Cinema, Chinese Theatre

How long have you been a member of AAS?

l have been a member of AAS for four years.

Why did you join AAS and why would you recommend AAS to your colleagues?

l became a member of AAS because it is undoubtedly one of the best ways of keeping informed about what is being done in our field, and related events. I recommend it to my friends and colleagues precisely for that reason, and because the more we are in this, just the better. Especially now, when several countries in Asia are so developing.

How did you first become involved in Asian Studies?

l always felt attracted by Asian cultures. I started studying Japanese language and culture well before 1990, then Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese Painting, Theatre, Literature, and Film (etc) in 1991;  l visited China for the first time in 1994,  and just couldn't quit Asian studies since. Then l started studying lndian and other Asian languages and cultures as well, and the more l learn the more l feel interested.

What do you enjoy most or what have been your most rewarding experiences involving your work in Asian Studies?

Up to now, what l most enjoy is just being in Asia or America researching on related topics as well. And writing on that, lecturing, taking pictures and making films. I was working at several famous universities in China for nearly five years and l enjoyed teaching there very much. Then l also enjoy it a lot when l visit countries as a panelist in international congresses in China, lndia, Japan, Thailand, USA, Canada, Cuba, Egypt, etc.

Tell us about your current or past research.

l research relating Linguistics, Literature, Music, Theatre, Opera and Film. My doctoral thesis (URV, 2003) is titled in Spanish : lntroduccion a la Historia de las Artes del Espectaculo en China ("An lntroduction to the History of the Arts of Entertainment in China").

What advice or recommendation do you have for students interested in a career in Asian Studies?

Asia studies is developing more and more and this will continue in the foreseable future. So l would tell students they can be confident they have chosen an area of studies by which they can develop interesting careers.

Outside of Asian Studies, tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

Apart from my work as a scholar, or as an independent scholar, after working in the spanish TV and international cinema l am just starting to get independently into the artistic field, and l feel both paths are to be together. Two of the films I directed recently have been selected (in 2015) for screening at two interesting film festivals in Barcelona.


"I became a member of AAS because it is undoubtedly one of the best ways of keeping informed about what is being done in our field, and related events."

—  Maria-Dolores Garcia-Borron