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Published three times each year (June, October, and December) since 1996, Education About Asia is the most renowned publication of its kind.

Each issue features articles on all areas of Asia, as well as guides to, and reviews of, resources for classroom use. Publishers of books, journals, videos, software, and those offering study programs, workshops, classes, and exhibits on Asia find Education About Asia to be an excellent advertising choice. We offer competitive rates as well as discounts for advertising in three consecutive issues.


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Asian Studies E-Newsletter

After over 60 years of publishing in print and later as an e-newsletter, the AAS Asian Studies Newsletter will no longer be published. The Winter 2016 issue, volume 61:4, published in December 2016, was the final issue.

The content of the e-newsletter has been reworked and transformed into a blog called #AsiaNow which launched in March 2017 on the AAS website.

Below are some of the key points explaining the this transition stated by AAS Social Media Manager, Maura Cunningham who manages the new blog.

Our goal is to become a key resource for readers who want concise, accessible analysis of what’s happening in Asia at any given time.

You can expect to see three different types of content. The first is short articles offering analysis of events and trends in Asia. The second type of content at the blog are posts that replace the e-newsletter. The tracking metrics on our e-newsletter emails indicate that only a very small percentage of the AAS membership was opening and reading the e-newsletter. We have deduced that a PDF was not the optimal vehicle for delivering news to members, and so we have shifted to a more flexible and timelier format to deliver AAS-related information to you.

Information about the annual conference and AAS-in-Asia, messages from the officers, member spotlight features, and other association news is published at the blog; every month or so, an email digest with links to the most recent set of posts will be sent to members to keep everyone apprised of what’s going on at the AAS.

The third type of content are posts focused on professional issues. These posts deal with publishing (in both the academic and non-academic spheres), graduate education, employment, working in a multi-disciplinary field, and other relevant matters as they arise. AAS seeks to support its members more in the professionalization process, and posts at the new blog are the first step in doing so.

Thank you to all of the Newsletter contributors and advertisers through the years.

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