A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America

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 A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America

  • An indispensable resource for specialists and students in Chinese studies
  • Twenty-one high-quality introductions to major subfields as they have evolved in Chinese studies over the past three decades
  • A vital resource for non-Asia specialists in the fields of history, literature, music, economics, sociology, and art looking for a comparative or world-historical perspective on particular questions, including the nature of early modernity, the development of science, or recent trends in the study of early and medieval arts and letters.

Features a Foreword by Gail Hershatter and essays by prominent Chinese studies scholars:

Paul R. Goldin • Cynthia L. Chennault • Scott Pearce • Hilde De Weerdt • Bettine Birge

Martin J. Heijdra • Evelyn S. Rawski • Matthew H. Sommer • Benjamin A. Elman

Christopher Isett • Thomas G. Rawski • Xueguang Zhou • Wei Zhao • Yanjie Bian

Elizabeth J. Perry • Martin Kern • Ronald Egan • Wilt L. Idema • Edward M. Gunn

Ban Wang • Victor H. Mair • Bell Yung • Cary Y. Liu

ISBN: 978-0-924304-72-9

478 pages. 2013. Available in e-book format only.

"Chinese studies in North America has expanded so rapidly during the last half century that hardly anyone can keep up with the literature in more than one or two fields. That is what makes these essays so valuable. They give a quick explanation of what has been happening and highlight important studies. We are indebted to the authors for sharing their insights in such a handy format."

   — Patricia Ebrey, University of Washington

"A valuable starting point for students seeking to understand the evolution of English-language scholarship on Chinese history."

   — Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University

"This volume will be of great value not just to graduate students working in Chinese studies but also to established China scholars and those seeking comparative perspective. Today's researchers are intellectually indebted to the pioneers in their fields and this volume gives credit to those on whose shoulders today's China scholars stand—whether in economics, the development of science, music, or history. It will be of great help to contemporary scholars wishing to place their research questions into the broader context."

   — Maggie Maurer-Fazio, Bates College

Editor's Notes:

For questions or feedback about the content of the book, please contact Haihui Zhang at haihuiz@pitt.edu.

Reviews on some areas of Chinese studies are published in the Chinese-language version of this book, but, for various reasons, are not included in this English edition. Please view 北美中国学:研究概述与文献资源 (Chinese Studies in North America: Research and Resource, Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju, 2010. ISBN: 9787101075427) for the following review articles:
  • Chinese popular religion and Daoism: the state of the field by Shin-yi Chao
  • An overview of North American scholarship on Chinese Buddhism by Huaiyu Chen
  • The study of early China and its archaeological foundation, perspectives in a new age of global integration by Li Feng
  • Studies of Tang history in the west: an overview by Yang Lu
  • Modern Chinese history in North American academy: retrospect and prospect by Wen-hsin Yeh
  • Observation on research resources of modern Chinese social, Economic and cultural history in North America by Hong Cheng
  • Research on Chinese cities in the United States: an overview by Liping Wang
  • Recent trends in the study of Chinese politics in the U.S. by Wenfang Tang
  • Chinese legal studies in North America by Wei Luo
  • The problems, causes and suggestions regarding the equality and equity issues in Chinese mandatory education during the nation’s economic transition by Xue-lan Rong
  • A fledgling field:  Chinese women’s and gender history in the United States by Weijing Lu
  • Research on contemporary Chinese art in the United States by Minglu Gao
  • The study of middle period Chinese literature: state of the field by Xiaofei Tian
  • Studies of Chinese syntax in the U.S.: its past 30 years and its future by Yafei Li
  • Studies of Chinese theatre in the United States by Min Tian

    and other essays on Chinese studies resources.