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Scheduled Thematic Special Sections

Each issue of "Education About Asia" includes a substantial special section. See below for a listing of themes for the scheduled special sections along with submission deadlines.

Prospective authors of feature-length articles are strongly advised to be aware of the focus of each special section before developing a manuscript. Although feature articles that are unrelated to the theme of a given issue will occasionally be published, it is probable that there will often be a long time lapse between acceptance of these types of manuscripts and their publication.

Prospective authors should bear in mind, however, that the "Resources" section of EAA will continue to include essays and reviews about a variety of topics. Authors are welcome to submit resource essays and reviews on topics dealing with any aspect of Asia.

Regardless of the type of article a prospective author is considering submitting, he or she should carefully read the EAA author guidelines.

As is the case with all manuscripts, please send electronic versions to the EAA editorial office at

Publication Schedule for Special Sections

  • SPRING 2019 (24:1) Schools in Asia
    This special section is intended as an exploration of a wide variety of experiences and personal stories of teachers, students, and professors in various Asian cultures. Examples of special section topics might include educator and student personal stories that foster understanding about Asian schools and universities, study abroad programs, exemplary public and private educational innovations, sectarian schools in Asia, technical and vocational education, and Asian and non-Asia student and teacher perceptions of each other’s schools. (The deadline for receipt of manuscripts for this issue was November 30,2018).
  • FALL 2019 (24:2) Entrepreneurship in Asia
    Possible special section topics include historical and contemporary accounts of innovative Asian multinational companies and the entrepreneurs that created them, grassroots entrepreneurship in developing and developed Asian cultures, prospects for women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship and microfinance, differing Asian perspectives on entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship education in Asia. 
    Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: MAY 14, 2019.
  • WINTER 2019 (24:3) Asian Literature in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
    This special section is intended for not only literature courses but a number of other academic disciplines that benefit from the pedagogical inclusion of literature.  A few examples of possible topics for the special section include literature and understanding Southeast Asian maritime history, Japanese business novels, Asian primary sources in the humanities, historical fiction and understanding Asia’s past, the Iliad and the Tale of the Heike: a comparison, and Tang Dynasty poetry in world literature courses. 
    Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts:  AUGUST 1, 2019.
  • SPRING 2020 (25:1) Asian Philosophies and Religions*
    This special section will include a wide variety of articles and essays on both philosophical and religious traditions commonly associated with Asia, and religions such as Islam and Christianity that have substantially impacted Asia. A significant number of special section articles and essays will focus upon contemporary practices as well as the impact of Asia governments upon the human and civil rights of religious practitioners.
    Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: NOVEMBER 30, 2019.

    *At least two articles on religious festivals and holidays specifically designed for middle school teachers will appear in this special section.