Scheduled Thematic Special Sections

Each issue of "Education About Asia" includes a substantial special section. See below for a listing of themes for the scheduled special sections along with submission deadlines.

Prospective authors of feature-length articles are strongly advised to be aware of the focus of each special section before developing a manuscript. Although feature articles that are unrelated to the theme of a given issue will occasionally be published, it is probable that there will often be a long time lapse between acceptance of these types of manuscripts and their publication.

Prospective authors should bear in mind, however, that the "Resources" section of EAA will continue to include essays and reviews about a variety of topics. Authors are welcome to submit resource essays and reviews on topics dealing with any aspect of Asia.

Regardless of the type of article a prospective author is considering submitting, he or she should carefully read the EAA author guidelines.

As is the case with all manuscripts, please send electronic versions to the EAA editorial office at

Publication Schedule for Special Sections

  • SPRING 2018 (23:1) Asian Politics
    Possible special section topics might include Asian dynasties and empires, (e.g., Han and Tang Dynasties, the Mughal Empire, the Tokugawa Shogunate), the rise of Asian nationalism, the Cold War and Asia, Asian democracies, and the geopolitical ramifications of China’s rise. Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: JANUARY 8, 2018.
  • FALL 2018 (23:2) Demographics, Social Policy, and Asia (Part II)
    This special section will include topics such as immigration and Japanese society, developed Asia: the fertility problem, China: the rural/urban divide, and the global and national impact of Asian diasporas. Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: MAY 18, 2018.
  • WINTER 2018 (23:3) What Should We Know About Asia?
    The focus of this special section is an exploration of what constitutes the most important Asia-related content for middle school, high school, and beginning undergraduate survey courses with special attention to world history and geography.
    Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: AUGUST 1, 2018.