Abstracts of the 1999 AAS Annual Meeting
March 11-14, 1999, Boston, MA

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Session 1. ROUNDTABLE: Outreach as Reaching Out: Engaging the Community in Asian Studies (Sponsored by the Council of Conferences)

Session 2. ROUNDTABLE: Saving Asia (on Microfilm): Prospects for Cooperative Microfilming and Preservation of Asian Research Materials (Sponsored by CORMOSEA and ALL)

Session 3. The Space Between: Asian Studies and Other Academic Disciplines

Session 19. Apprenticeship and Learning in Religious Communities of Practice: Case Studies from Burma, Zangskar, and Japan

Session 20. Clashing Civilizations?: Asian Strategic Culture(s) on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century

Session 21. Identity Politics in South and Southeast Asia

Session 22. Lips and Teeth: Border Relations Between China and Vietnam from 1945 to the Present

Session 39. Slavery on the Periphery: New Perspectives on Institutions of Bondage in the Sino-Southeast Asian Uplands

Session 40. ROUNDTABLE: Blind Spots: Illegible Enclaves and Modern States in Asia

Session 41. Nationalism and Christian Evangelism in East Asia

Session 59. World Commodities and Commercial Networks in Asia, 1800-1950

Session 60. Politics of Gender and Sexuality in South Korea and South Asia

Session 61. ROUNDTABLE: Asia in the K–16 Classroom— Roadblocks and Strategies

Session 62. Asian/American Women and Transcultural Complications of Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Authenticity

Session 79. Asian "Resistance" Against the West

Session 80. Overseas Work and Remittances: Bringing Home the Change(s)

Session 81. ROUNDTABLE: The Resilience of the State

Session 99. The Politics and Policies of Historic Preservation in Korea and Japan: A Comparative Perspective on Issues of Representation, Repatriation, and Heritage Management

Session 100. The Political Economy and Political Ecology of Agricultural Sustainability in Asia: Farmer, State and Market in China, Indonesia, and Thailand

Session 101. Doctrine and Representation in Buddhism and Buddhist Art, East Asia

Session 102. ROUNDTABLE: Spatial Identities in Asia

Session 117. Sino-Korean Boundaries: Ethnicity, Territory, and Citizenship in Northeast Asia 1885–1967

Session 118. Nature Conservation in Colonial Asia

Session 119. Common Ground: China, Japan, and the Transformational Landscape


Session 136. Constraints on Archaeological Practice: East and South East Asian Archaeologists and Their Socio-Political Environments

Session 137. Inheritance and Household Division in East Asia, China, Japan, and Korea, 1500–1950

Session 138. ROUNDTABLE: What’s Asia Got To Do with U.S.?: Diversifying Public Education on Asia (Sponsored by the Asia Society)

Session 139. INDIVIDUAL PAPERS: Language, Literature, and Loneliness

Session 154. Chinese Immigrant Food Culture: Identity and Change

Session 155. INDIVIDUAL PAPERS: Women, Festivals, Ethnicity and the Cold War

Session 172. Entering into Cyberspace

Session 173. Performing the (Alter)nation: Transnational and Translocal Practices and the Failure of Modernity

Session 174. The View from Below: Developmental Strategies at the Local Level in China, India, Japan, and the Russian Far East

Session 175. Contemporary Prospects and Challenges in Northeast Asian Security

Session 190. Beauty Industries in East Asia


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