2007 Annual Meeting

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Session 12, Individual Papers on Korea

Subverting the Symbolic and the Colonial: Re-interpreting the Rhetorical Performance of the Narrator in Yi Sang's "Wings", Catherine Youngkyung Ryu

Commercial Theaters Opened in Korea: The Introduction of Entertainment Space and Changing Theatrical Practices, 1900s-1910s, Sun Ju Kim

Reproducers of Empire: Colonial Population, Medical Research, and Female Physiology in 1930s Korea, Jin-kyung Park

Intimate Encounters, Imperial Frontiers: Sex, G.I. Babies and Citizenship in South Korea and the U.S., 1953-2000, Bongsoo Park

Session 29, Science, Technology, Medicine, and Nation-/State-building in Post-colonial Korea

Imagining Korea through Science and Technology: "Nation-Building through Science" and "Technological Self-Reliance", Sang-Hyun Kim

Cultivating the Seed for State-Building: The Politics of Tong-il Rice in South Korea, 1972-1980, Tae-Ho Kim

Securing Future through Reproductive Technologies and Population Control: The South Korean State's Future Imaginary, 1960s to the Present, Young Gyung Paik

The "'Scientification of the All-Nation' Movement" in the 1970s, Sungook Hong

Session 54, Casting Identities and Forging Boundaries: Legal and Cultural Reckonings of Diaspora in Global South Korea

The Growing Complexity of South Korean Legal Membership and Its Ramifications, Jung-Sun Park

Our Adoptee, Our Alien: Transnational Adoptees as Specters of Foreignness and Family in South Korea, Eleana Kim

Diasporic Affiliations and Cultural Production: A Case Study of the 2002 Kwangju Biennial Project "There", Hijoo Son

Session 73, Traditionalism and the Production of Korean Modernity

Rewriting History through the Gaze of the Spectator, Se-Mi Oh

The Invention of Silla, Jongyon Hwang

Reinventing Pan-Asianism: Cold War Traditionalism in South Korea, Ted Hughes

Inventing Sunjong, Christine Kim

Session 93, Re-thinking Fascism and Internationalism in Modern Korea

Alternative Internationalisms and Ethnonationalisms in the Korean Peninsula, 1950s-1980s, Won Dam Paik

The Controversies on Fascism in Colonial Korea in the 1930s, Vladimir Tikhonov

Rethinking Proletarian Peasant Literature in Colonial Korea as a Problem of Class Liberation, Ethnonationalism, and Empire, Naoki Watanabe

Re-internationalization of South Korean Labor Activism in the Age of Subempire, Jin Kyung Lee

Session 115, Literature in North Korea and South Korea: Continuity and Transformation

The Science Fiction Genre in North Korean Children's Literature: Influence and Transformation, Dafna Zur

Rereading Our Classics: Adaptations and Interpretations of Select Choson-Era Fictional Narratives (kososol) in North Korea and South Korea, Leif Peter Olsen

Hwang Chini as a Literary Myth: Interpretations and Variations in Contemporary North Korean and South Korean Literature, Simon Suk Yeon Kim

Session 116, Perceptions of Death in Pre-modern Korea

From Death to Interment: Questioning Cremation in Koryo Society, Charlotte Horlyck

Ghostly Encounters: Perceptions of Death and the Afterlife in Koryo and Early Choson, Michael J. Pettid

Death as a Deterrent: Capital Punishment and Hyosu in Chosôn Korea, Anders Karlsson

The Familiar Dead: Creation of an Intimate Afterlife in Early Chosôn Korea, Milan Hejtmanek

Session 136, Gender and Labor in Korea and Japan

Female Colonial Labor in Japan’s Prewar Textile Industry, Elyssa M. Faison

Shipyard Women and the Politics of Gender: A Case Study of the KSEC Yard in South Korea, Hwasook B. Nam

Fighting to Return Home: Labor Struggle as the Redemption of Masculinity, Jong Bum Kwon

Slum Romance in Korean Factory Girl Literature, Ruth Barraclough

Session 137, Feminine Subjectivity: Korean Women in Contemporary Literature and Film

Writing on Writing: Ch’oe Yun, Ji-Eun Lee

"Obviously Immoral Love": The Politics of Sexuality in Recent Korean Literature and Film, Seung-Hee Jeon

Fathers and Daughters: Rewriting Fatherhood in the Twenty-first Century, Young-Jun Lee

Beyond the Language of Motherhood, Miseli Jeon

Session 138, Hanmun~kugyol=kambun~kunten: Pointing, reading, and appropriation of language in Korea and Japan, 9th-14th cc. - Sponsored by Northeast Asia Council

Typology and Development of Korean Kugyol, Pung-hyun Nam

Kunten, Kugyol and Tpointing in the Sinitic Sphere: Re-writing the History of Writing in East Asia, Yoshinori Kobayashi

Session 155, Images of North Korea in Contemporary South Korean Media and Literature

A Bittersweet Love Story? Politics of the New Intimacy toward North Korea(ns) in Contemporary South Korean Cinema, Jeeyoung Shin

A Korea as a Mirror of an America in Welcome to Dongmakgol and Die Another Day, Jeongsub Nam

North Korea a True Guest/Host?, Jongkeun Yang

Repatriation (Song-Hwan, 2003): North Koreans as Political Others and/or Hopes for Reunification, JaeYoon Park

Session 177, City and Text in Colonial Seoul

Proletarian Novels and Nostalgic Space-Time, Chul Kim

Endless Blue Sky: From Seoul to Harbin in Yi Byosok's Pyokgong muhan, John Frankl

The Machine of Youth, The Technology of Modern Literature, Kyoung-Hoon Lee

Session 197, Gender, Ideology, and Language of the Korean War of 1592-98: New Dimensions beyond Military History

The Imjin War of Languages: The Emergence of a National Vernacular Space in Korea, JaHyun Kim Haboush

King Sônjo and the Confucian Politics of Contradiction, Nam-lin Hur

The Loyalty and Chastity of Female Entertainers in the Imjin War: Memories of Nongae and Kyewôlhyang, Jung-Ji Young

Session 218, Moving Beyond Nationalist Narratives: Historicizing Japanese Collaboration in Colonial Korea

Collaboration and Assimilation within Japan’s Multi-ethnic Empire: Dreaming of Empire and Naisen Ittai, Michael Kim

Collaboration in Colonial Korea: The Emergence of Modern Subjects and the Making of Citizens in the Postliberation Period, Hae Dong Yun

"Are There Really No Worse Things Than Pro-Japanese Collaboration?" The Colonial Experience in the Contemporary Korean Popular Culture, Kyu Hyun Kim

Modern Girls/New Woman of the Empire in the Age of Nationalism: Nation, Colonial Modernity and "Transnational" Networks in Northeast Asia, Seung-Mi Han