2007 Annual Meeting

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Session 7, Chinese Economic Activities in Colonial Indochina

The Rise of Chinese Labor Organizations in Cochinchina in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Tracy C. Barrett

Sino-Vietnamese Networks in Southern Vietnam during the First Indochina Conflict (1945-1954), Joerg Engelbert

The Impact of Chinese Economic Activities in Norodom’s Cambodia (c. 1860-1900), Nola Cooke

Session 8, The Conundrum of Identity: Marginality, Power and Agency in Southeast Asia

Imagined Colonies: Challenging Master Narratives of Power and Subjugation in Northern Mindanao, Philippines, Oona Thommes Paredes

Visions of Fear in a Small Community: Terrorism and News in a Borderland Village, Irving Chan Johnson

Rural Urban Migration in Cambodia, Courtney Work

Provincial Imagining at the Margins: Ceremonial Construction of Social Identity, Yoshinori Nishizaki

Violence, Marginality and the Border in the Social Production of Karen Identity, Heather MacLachlan

Session 26, Images, Texts, and Corpses: Aesthetics and Economics in Buddhist Funerals in Thailand and Cambodia

Chanting Death and Binding Life: Two Contemporary Cambodian Funerary Sub-rituals, Erik W. Davis

Phra Malai in the 21st Century, Bonnie Brereton

Paintings of Funeral Scenes and Buddhist Texts: Studies of Royal Funerals, Pattaratorn Chirapravati

The Costs of Death: Caring for Deceased Relatives in Rural Theravada Buddhist Northeast Thailand, Leedom Lefferts

Session 27, Authenticating Strategies in Taiwan’s Nation-building Process

Discovering Tradition and Authenticity: The Growth of a History and Folklore Association in a Taiwanese Township, Huwy-min Liu

Discovering Tradition and Authenticity: The Growth of a History and Folklore Association in a Taiwanese Township, Joseph Bosco

Commemorating the Past in the Present: Cultural Imagination through the Integrated Community Building Project in Taiwan, Selina Ching Chan

Searching for a "New" History: Changes and Challenges in Taiwanese Historiography since 1987, Axel Schneider

Authentication through ‘Old’ or ‘New’ Traditions? The Re-emergence of the Ancestor Gods in Contemporary Rituals of Taiwan’s Austronesians, Michael Rudolph

Session 49, Political Reform in the Philippines: Is Federalism-parliamentarism the Answer?

The View from Muslim Mindanao, Suharto Ambolodto

Beyond Federalism-Parliamentarism: A Comparative Cautionary Perspective, Belinda A. Aquino

Between Legality and Legitimacy: The Debate about Constitutional Reform in the Philippines, Mark R. Thompson

Historical and Structural Factors in Philippine Federalism, Ronald D. Holmes

Session 50, Malay(si)a at Fifty: Continuity and Change in the Malaysian National Project - Sponsored by Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Studies

Malaysian Independence: 44 Years and Still Counting!, Michael B. Leigh

Malaysia after 50 Years: More Sophisticated Voters, More Sophisticated Politicians?, Kian Ming Ong

Malaysian Development across Five Decades: The Gyroscopic Politics of Compensatory Growth, Greg B. Felker

Malaysia After 50 Years: More Sophisticated Voters, More Sophisticated Politicians?, Bridget Welsh

"Malaysia, Truly Asian"? The Inside/Outside Parameters of Malaysian Foreign Relations within the ASEAN Context, David Camroux

Session 51, Roundtable: Cambodia: Issues of Memory, Justice and Reconciliation - Sponsored by Committee on Teaching about Asia

Session 68, Thai Buddhists at Bay? Confronting the Southern Conflict - Sponsored by the Thailand/Laos/Cambodia Group

Appropriating a Space for Violence: Buddhist Wats in Southern Thailand, Michael Jerryson

Neighbourhood in a Time of Danger: Buddhist-Muslim, Marc Askew

The Politics of Buddhist Identity in Thailand’s Deep South, Duncan McCargo

Buddhist Perceptions of Muslims in the Thai South, Amporn Marddent

Session 69, Civil Society in Vietnam: Perceptions, Actions, State-society and Theoretical Reflections

Toward a Functional Approach to Civil Society: Local NGOs, Development, and State-society Relations in Vietnam, Joe Hannah

Civil Society Action and its Effect on Governance in the Era of doi moi., Joerg Wischermann

Struggling over the Emergent Associational Sector: The Debate on the Law on Associations in Vietnam, Mark Sidel

New Space for Collective Action: Local Labor Unions and Newspapers in Response to Workers’ Strikes in Vietnam, Angie Ngoc Tran

Session 86, Islamic Separatism in Southeast Asia: Universal Faith and Unique Homelands

Excluding the Included: the Rohingya Quest for an Islamic Homeland in Myanmar, Khin Maung Yin

Violence in the Muslim South of Thailand: Insurgency or Jihad?, Saroja Dorairajoo

Aceh: Islam in Conflict and Peace, Edward Aspinall

Local Clans, Global Jihadis: The Politics of Islamic Identity in Maguindanao, Christopher James Collier

Session 90, Vietnamese Nationalism from Wartime to Present

Commemorative Public Art and Trans/National Identity in Contemporary Vietnam, Christina Schwenkel

Ethnic Nationalism in Southern Wartime Music, Tuan Hoang

Sect Warlords and South Vietnamese Nationalism in the 1950s, Jessica M. Chapman

Agent Orange: Toward an International and Interdisciplinary History, Ed Martini

Session 110, Transnational Gender, Deterritorialization, and Political Subjects in Mainland Southeast Asia

Gender Insurgency: Women's Labor in the Politics of Shan National Resistance to the Burmese State, Jane M. Ferguson

Polluted Identities: Of Gender, War Captives and Border Crossings in the Constitution of Northern Thai Beliefs, Katherine A. Bowie

Transnationalism and Sexuality in Thailand: The Intersections of Buddhism, Gay and Lesbian Rights, and Feminism, Megan Sinnott

Gender Negotiation and Ritual Invention of a Burmese Migrant Woman in Tokyo, Naoko Kumada

Session 111, Roundtable: Examining Cultural Goals in Southeast Asian Language Instruction - Sponsored by the Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages

Session 112, War, Insurgency, and Governing Landscapes in Southeast Asia

"The Forests are Surrounding the Cities!" : Emergencies, Insurgencies and Forestry in Southeast Asia, Peter Vandergeest

Flows of Enclosure: Actually Existing Governance along Burma's Riverine Systems, Ken MacLean

Citizenscapes: New Villages, Biosettlements and Enacting the Power of the Nation-State, Maureen Sioh

Insurgency and the Water Landscape in Vietnam, David A. Biggs

Session 131, The State of Democracy in Southeast Asia

Slip Slidin' Away: The Erosion of Democracy in Thailand, Erik M. Kuhonta

Have Direct Local Elections Consolidated the Oligarchy of Parties in Indonesia?, Nankyung Choi

Democratic Aspiration, Regime Resilience and Islam in Southeast Asia: Authoritarianism and State Power Reconsidered, Kikue Hamayotsu

Long-Term Imperatives, Short-Term Realities: The Dynamics of Programmatic Party Formation in the Philippines, Gwendolyn Bevis

Session 132, The Aftermath of Violence in Indonesia: Narrative and National Identity

Embodied States: Torture as Viewed by Three Generations of Darul Islam Militants, John MacDougall

The Female Dancing Body and State Terror: Post-1965 Cultural Reconstruction in Indonesia, Rachmi Diyah Larasati

The Truths of Torture: Victims’ Memories and State Histories in Indonesia, John Roosa

Building a Monument: The Intimate Politics of Reconciliation in Post-1965 Bali, Leslie K. Dwyer

Session 133, Individual Papers: Parties, Protest and the State in South and Southeast Asia

The Institutionalization of Political Party Systems in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines), Andreas Ufen

A Theory of Civilian Control of the Military in India: 1947-2006, Ayesha Ray

Why Don’t They Just Use Words? Accounting for Indian Political Protest on the Streets and in Parliament, Dean E. McHenry, Jr.

The Secret Life of the One-party State: Understanding Singaporean Political Culture in the Lee Hsien Loong Era, David Yang

Engendering Indian "Secularism": The Legal and Political Revival of the Uniform Civil Code and Prospects for Future Debate, Jennifer R. Coleman

Session 151, Rule of Law and Decentralization in Post-Soeharto Indonesia

Captured Competencies, Captured Resources Regional Autonomy and Spatial Planning in Post-New Order Bandung, Gustaaf Reerink

Decentralization and Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Development in Indonesia, Tristam Moeliono

Picking Law and Articulating Ethnic Identity: Changing Land and Resource Claims in a Pluralistic Community, Lampung, Indonesia, Myrna Safitri

Politics-As-Usual on Trial: Regional Anti-Corruption Campaigns in Indonesia, Jamie Seth Davidson

Session 152, Complicity and Confrontation in the Thai Body Politic - Sponsored by Southeast Asia Council

The Stateless Encounter the State: Power, Interaction, and Narrative Identity on the Thai-Lao Border, Peter T. Vail

Political Sublimations of the Clinch: The Variation of Bodily Contacts in Muay Thai, Stephane Rennesson

Political Crisis and Resistance in Southern Thailand, Muhammad Arafat Bin Mohamad

Saksi Luk Phuchai:Honor and Shame in Muai Thai, Pattana Kitiarsa

Session 172, Agent Orange in Vietnam: Social Science Approaches to the Environmental and Health

Consequences of War - Sponsored by the Vietnam Studies Group

"The Agent Orange family": Social Consequences and Reproductive Rights related to the Wartime Use of Agent Orange in Vietnam- Annika Johansson

Agent Orange and the Environment: From Research to Remediation, Boi T. Phung

Agent Orange and Global Environmental Justice: Secondary Effects of Wartime Damage, Pam McElwee

Agent Orange and "Population Quality": Political and Visceral Responses in Vietnam to the Spectre of "Defective" Newborns, Tine Mette Gammeltoft

Session 173, Roundtable: A Conservative Turn in Indonesian Islam? The Politics and Future of Shari`a Legislation - Sponsored by the Indonesia East Timor Studies Committee

Session 192, Health Care, Marginality, and Social Change in Vietnam

Battered Women, Marginalization, and Health Care in Vietnam, Lynn M. Kwiatkowski

The Implications of Gia Truyen: Social Class within the Healing Community in Vietnam, C. Michele Thompson

Unsafe Sex as a Public Health Issue in Vietnam in a Time of AIDS and Doi Moi Policy, Marie-Eve Blanc

Changing Modes of Inequality Under Doi Moi: The Pursuit of Fertility Treatments in Vietnam since 1986, Melissa J. Pashigian

Session 193, The State of Culture Theory in Southeast Asian Corporations

Islamic Ethics and Spiritual Economy in Contemporary Indonesia, Daromir Rudnyckyj

Culture as a Managerial Concept in Lao Hydropower Development, Jerome Whitington

Mining Culture Theory in Sumbawa, Marina Welker

Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh City: Christmas and the Spectacle of Middle Class Consumption in Urban Southern Vietnam, Ann Marie Leshkowich

Session 213, Mining the Past: Working with Memory in Southeast Asian Contexts

Co-opting Nostalgia: Historical Tensions in Singapore, Nicole T. Tarulevicz

Return to Vietnam: The Journeys of Vietnamese Women of the Diaspora, Nathalie H.C. Nguyen

Remembering 1965: Prison Memoirs as Counter Narratives in Indonesia, Katharine McGregor

Many Voices, One Life: Dealing with Memory and ‘Telling’ in the Biography of Herb Feith, Jemma Purdey

Session 214, 20th-Century Vietnamese Anthropology Contextualized: Debates and Contestations

The Margin Contextualized: Nguyen Tu Chi (1925-1995) and an Alternative Ethnography in Socialist Vietnam, Chi Huyen Truong

Adopting Western Methods, Understanding One’s Own Culture: The Study of Society and Culture by Vietnamese Scholars under French Colonial Administration, Ngoc Phuong Nguyen

In Search of Change: A View from Inside on the Recent Trends of Vietnamese Anthropology, Chinh Van Nguyen

Museum as a Site of Novelty: Constructing by Practicing Anthropology in Contemporary Vietnam, Huy Van Nguyen

Session 217, Individual Papers: Shifting Representations of Gender in South and Southeast Asia

Closing the Gender Gap with Progressive Social and Educational Policies in India, Kin Bing Wu

Marital Discord and Private Testimonies in Public Forums: An Ethnography of a Women's Arbitration Court in New Delhi , Shalini Grover

Closing the Gender Gap with Progressive Social and Educational Policies in India, Pete Goldschmidt

Mae Nak as Comedy: Excavating the Plebeian Thai Cinema Public, May Adadol Ingawanij

I've Done Nothing Wrong: Feminine Ideals and Betrayal among Baul Women, Lisa I. Knight

Fashion as Politics in Late Colonial Burma, Chie Ikeya

Closing the Gender Gap with Progressive Social and Educational Policies in India, Christy Boscardin