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2017 AAS Election Slate of Candidates

We are pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the fall 2017 AAS elections. Candidates’ biographical data will be posted on the AAS website later in the summer, and the online ballot activated in September or October. Election day (when the ballot is closed and votes counted) has not yet been finalized but will be in early November. Newly elected representatives will take office immediately after the annual conference in March, 2018. Our sincere thanks to all candidates for accepting nominations to represent their respective areas and councils.


Anne Feldhaus (religion, Arizona State University, automatically succeeds from VP)

Vice President:

Prasenjit Duara (history, Duke University)

R. Bin Wong (history, University of California, Los Angeles)

China and Inner Asia Council:

Weihong Bao (film & media, University of California, Berkeley)

Jack Chen (literature, University of Virginia)

Johan Elverskog (religion, Southern Methodist University)

Anne Gerritsen (history, University of Warwick, UK)

Fabio Lanza (history, University of Arizona)

Charlene Makley (anthropology, Reed College)

Tobie Meyer-Fong (history, Johns Hopkins University)

Northeast Asia Council:

Nicholas Harkness (anthropology, Korea, Harvard University)

Hwansoo Kim (religion, Korea, Duke University)

Mark MacWilliams (religion, Japan, St. Lawrence University)

Michele Mason (literature, Japan, University of Maryland)

Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen (political science, Japan, University of Michigan)

Eiko Siniawer (history, Japan, Williams College)

Akiko Takenaka (history, Japan, University of Kentucky)

South Asia Council:

Anna Bigelow (religion, North Carolina State University)

Purnima Dhavan (history, University of Washington)

Rajeev Kinra (history, Northwestern University)

Sara Shneiderman (Anthropology and the Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia)

Tony Stewart (literature, Vanderbilt University)

Note: due to a tie vote last year, SAC has only 5 candidates this year and will elect 2 rather than the usual 3 council members.

Southeast Asia Council:

Erik Davis (religion, Macalester College)

Yosef Djakababa (history, University of Pelita Harapan)

Taylor Easum (history, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)

Andrew Johnson (anthropology, Princeton University)

John Marston (anthropology, El Colegio de Mexico)

Pamela McElwee (geography, Rutgers University)

Wasana Wongsurawat (history, Chulalongkorn University)

Council of Conferences:

Mid-Atlantic (MAR)

Valerian DeSousa (sociology, South Asia, West Chester University of Pennsylvania)

Rachael Hutchinson (literature, Japan, University of Delaware)

David Kenley (history, China, Elizabethtown College)

Midwest (MCAA)

Elizabeth Lublin (history, Japan, Wayne State University)

Ethan Segal (history, Japan, Michigan State University)

Xin Yang (literature/film, China, Macalester College)

Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)

Christopher Bondy (sociology, Japan, International Christian University)

Christian Hess (history, China, Sophia University)

Noriko Murai (art history, Japan, Sophia University)

Image via Flickr and used under a Creative Commons license.

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