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Asian Religions


This attractive site contains a wealth of information. In the eLibrary one can find thousands of images, audio files, articles, and books. The Directory has listings of Buddhist centers throughout the world. The online magazine has a variety of images and articles, including data on subjects ranging from meditation to architecture.

Japanese Buddhist Statuary
There are more than 4,000 images of Buddhist statuary in Japan on this site. The images are arranged by era, by deity, by artist, and several other categories—see the left-side frame. The site provides more than just images; there are explanations and teachings throughout the pages. One can learn a lot here.

The Berzin Archive
The focus here is Tibetan Buddhism. The author has published books, some of which appear in their entirety. There are historical studies, articles on meditation, comparisons among other forms of Buddhism, and audio mp3 files.


Documentation of Christianity in Asia Consortium
Although this site is still in the process of adding materials, there is a great deal of information here. In the "Source Documents" section, there are items dating from 1792 to the present day. Not all of these documents pertain to religion; there are language notes, observations on the populace in the nineteenth century, and memoirs of missionaries.

How Rome Went to China
The Library of Congress produced this exhibition of original items from the Jesuits who went to East Asia in the seventeenth century. There are old maps, letters, and pages from books, some written in Chinese.


Daoism: A Short Introduction
As the title states, this is a short introduction to the history, the basic concepts of Classical Daoism, and Daoism as practiced today. It is purely a textual presentation, without any images or other visual representations.


BBC: Hinduism
The BBC has programs about the religions of the world; this is the Web page for the programs about Hinduism. Among the topics are Concepts, Deities, and Ethics. Within each major topic is a subset of pertinent subject matter.

Encyclopedia Britannica: Hinduism
This is quite an extensive article. If not read in one sitting, there is a table of contents on the upper right side of the page allowing for jumping from one subject to another. On the left side, there are links to multimedia with several videos and still images.

The Bhagavad-Gita
In addition to the entire sacred text in English, one can listen to verses in Sanskrit via the audio link in the middle column. There also is a link to images and a page of short reflections of famous figures in literature and government such as Emerson, Nehru, and Aldous Huxley.


Islam in South and Southeast Asia
This is a document produced by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. It studies and explores the number of people practicing Islam in South and Southeast Asia, their ethnicity, and the schools of thought that they follow.

Islam in Asia
This special report from Time Magazine Asia presents a wide variety of articles and opinions. Topics include the diversity of Islam, the politics, and the situation of Muslim minorities. There are also many photos and three series of visual presentations.

A Historical Overview of Islam in South Asia
This is the introductory chapter to the book Islam in South Asia in Practice by Barbara D. Metcalf. It is a forty-page historical overview. The chapter begins in the seventh century; there are several black and white photographs throughout. At the end of the chapter is an extensive bibliography as well as suggestions for further reading.


BBC: Shinto
Similar to the site on Hinduism referred to above, this one by the BBC on Shinto presents the major areas of discussion on the main page with hypertext links to the subpages. There are several pages devoted to the rites and rituals of Shinto.

Shinto Creation Stories
These stories are brief, but they give the outlines of the creation of Shinto according to texts dating back to ancient times in Japan. They are similar in nature to mythological tales of Greek and Roman deities.


Religions and Philosophies
The Asia Society has compiled more than twenty-five articles about the religions of Asia. There are essays on Buddhism, Islam, and Confucianism. There is information on the religions of Korea, Viet Nam, and the Philippines.

Living in the Chinese Cosmos
For anyone who is studying the religions of China, especially from 1644 to 1911, these pages from Columbia’s Web site Asia for Educators will illuminate and enlighten them. For ease in locating articles of interest, there is a topic index located at the bottom left of the homepage. In addition to numerous articles, there are some classroom materials, and a large collection of links to related topics.

Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
One cannot say enough about this resource. It is the complete database of every issue of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies dating from 1974 to the present. It contains not only a list of the articles in each issue, but also a link to the article itself. (The contents are in English.)

Religions along the Silk Road
This sixty-seven-page series of lesson plans cover several of the religions of Asia, including Buddhism and Islam. It is a chapter of the book From Silk to Oil produced by the China Institute for the US Department of Education. The lesson plans are directed to high school students; the plans include handouts, questions, and instructions for teachers and students.