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Many thanks go to Philip George, Findouter Search Engines, for link verification (June 2006).
The Asian Studies WWW Monitor, an electronic journal that monitors new developments in Asian studies cyberspace. "Compiles summaries and evaluations of the latest networked sites relevant to social sciences research of the Asia and Pacific region." Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.
Leading information retrieval facilities of value to researchers in Asian studies and the social sciences. Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Asian Studies and the Web:
"This paper reviews the current role of the WWW in Asia as well as in Asian Studies. It also summarizes major positive and negative developments, identifies emerging long-term trends, and offers predictions for the period 1999–2005." Another major contribution from Dr. Matthew Ciolek of Australian National University.

Asia Pacific Research Online:
"This web server specializes in networked scholarly information related to online research, teaching, and publishing about Asia and related regions and topics." Links to online information resources, bookstores, and a catalog, with links, to the numerous web pages compiled or edited by Dr. Ciolek.
Web links to leading bookshops/publishers with online information about their Asian studies publications. This register is a subsection of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library maintained by the Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Australian National University.
AsiaSource: From the Asia Society, this new site is designed as a pan-Asian information resource "to meet the need for timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia." Includes latest news stories, worldwide calendar, articles and speeches, glossary of terms; current reports cover the APEC meeting in New Zealand and the East Timor situation.
Asianow: A new site that combines the resources of the Asian edition of Time magazine, CNN International’s Asia-Pacific site, and Asiaweek. Has links to information by geographic area.
UCLA Asian Studies Resources: A wide-ranging, comprehensive site on resources on East, South, and Southeast Asia, including education resources such as films; Asian Studies Document Index; statistics on demographics, economy and trade, education, politics.
A page that lists Asia-related web sites at the Australian National University. Includes Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, Australia South Asia Research Centre, Australia-Japan Research Centre, East Asian Collection of the ANU library, Indonesian Project of the Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Malay Concordance Project, Centre for Middle East and Central Asia Studies, etc.
The Asian Updates reports provide background and analysis of issues and events in Asia and on U.S.-Asia relations for businessmen, scholars, policy makers, educators, journalists. Links to two separate lists of publications for sale on education and art.
Site of Agenda Asia, a database of Asian Studies conferences, workshops, seminars. Search by date, country, region, institution, city, title.
CARRIE Eurasia Collecion Contains works and volumes on Eurasia.
Asian Historical Statistics Project site.The Project’s purpose is to compile complete modern economic statistics on all of Asia except Japan; includes the Middle East and North Africa; records from ca. 1850; list of researchers; announcements; newsletter.
Virtual library on migration and ethnic relations; some 400 online resources; keyword searching.
Full text of 68 books in the Library of Congress Country Studies-Area Handbook Program.
The International Institute for Asian StudiesThis site provides information on Asian and Western institutes, research, publications, and news in the field of Asian Studies, and the Agenda Asia database of Asian Studies conferences, workshops, and seminars, and hosts Daily Report Indonesia. Site has links to IIAS publications, including its Newsletter, other online publications, and selected publishers.
Ancient History Timelines and Tables: Includes chronology of Chinese history to 1911 (in pinyin and characters), chronologies of Southeast Asian history, 7193–21133 B.C., China’s Qin dynasty, India’s kings to 1193 A.D., dates of the Saravasti-Sindhu civilization, timelines of Japanese, Korean, Southern Asia, and Silk Road histories. Also Celtic, Egyptian, Greek timelines, along with secular and religious timelines.
Luso-Asian Forum (FLA): A private association in Lisbon to promote and develop public initiatives to strengthen understanding between Portugal and Asian nations with which Portugal has historical links, particularly China, Japan, India, and Thailand. Intends to support research projects and plan conferences.
Strategic and International Studies: The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, is a public policy research institution that maintains experts "on all the world’s major geographic regions, in addition to key function areas." Site contains analysis of international current events and text of its journal, The Washington Quarterly. Has a number of current projects on Asia.
Study Abroad, Asia: Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Links to U.S. academic programs, arranged by country or geographic area, and links to two Asian university programs (Japan, Hong Kong). Links to regional and country resources.
Chinese Southern Diaspora: Site of the Centre for the Study of Chinese Southern Diaspora, at Australian National University. The Centre is intended as a permanent focus for research and teaching on people of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific and their interactions with other societies and cultures in the regions, and offers and interdisciplinary course on the Chinese Southern Diaspora. Lists the Centre’s public lectures, workshops, and conferences.
World Affairs Council of Western Michigan
International Rice Research Institute, Philippines.
A computerized data bank, from the U.S. Census Bureau, of statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for all countries; searchable and downloadable; covers 26 demographic, ethnic, and economic variables.
Global teaching and learning project contains information about all the member states of the UN.
Salary data for Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, classified by cities, professions, industries; useful for job seekers.
Listings of political sites available on the Internet, with links to political parties, organizations, governments. Searchable by geographic regions and by countries. Extensive.
Links to numerous book dealers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe who specialize in Asia. List maintained by the International Institute for Asian Studies, at Leiden University.
XenoType Technologies’s Asian language kits for the Mac..
Web site of Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars containing archives of published articles in Critical Asian Studies dating back to 1968.
Online access to the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences from 1951. Focuses on anthropology, economics, politics and sociology but also has interdisciplinary material in geography, psychology, social policy, archaeology, business studies, criminology, education, environmental issues, history and law.
A comprehensive calendar of Asian Pacific Islands American events, people, activities. Researched and produced by the Library of Congress’s Federal Research Division for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Select "Ethnic Resources," then "Asian Pacific American Heritage Calendar."
ASIANetwork, an AAS affiliate, is a consortium of over 100 colleges in North America that promote the study of Asia. Links to mailing lists, teaching resources, its newsletter, membership information.
Relaunching of an earlier site, much expanded. Features Asia Society publications list, special reports, speeches and transcripts from Asia Society events, over 750 links to "the best professional, educational, political, and cultural resources on the Web," catalog of items in its shop in New York, text of its new publication Hong Kong: Challenges of Change.
Political and shaded relief maps from most Asian countries, all from the Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection at Univ. of Texas at Austin. Most of the maps date from the 1990s, but some historical maps are included.
Online version of R. J. Rummel’s book, The Miracle That Is Freedom: The Solution to War, Violence, Genocide, and Poverty. Covers democide (genocide and mass murder) through data, sources, statistical analyses, books, articles. Data cover major pre-20th century episodes of democide, "and all democide for all nations, 1900-1987." Includes coverage of Asia in individual chapters, charts, tables, statistics.
"Asiaweek’s second annual survey of the region’s best schools focuses on research and the ravages of the [current] economic crisis."
Interactive Map allowing one to zero in on the area one is interested in.

Asian Studies at Berkeley:
Text and visuals of the UC Berkeley exhibition "A Hundred Harvests: History of Asian Studies at Berkeley," with links to the Asian catalogs.

Asia Via Web Radio and Television:
An extensive list, with links, to radio and television broadcasts from Asia. Categorized by "Asia, General" and then by individual countries. Links to free, downloadable software for listening and viewing.

The Speech and Transcript Center:
A collection of links to speeches and testimony from government and business leaders, including the U.N., National Public Radio, Asian Development Bank, television and radio shows, U.S. federal and state governments.

Jazz in Asia:
Brief information on jazz clubs in Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, USA, Europe, Africa, South America.

Buddhist Women Worldwide:
A compendium of resources on contemporary Buddhist women, including conferences, publications, research activities, ordination, retreats. Features selectively annotated bibliography.

Asian Archaeology on the Net:
Extensive collection of resources on Asian archaeology.

Asian Research Organization Search Engine
A continually updated resource for searching webpages of over 300 institutes worldwide that conduct policy-relevant research on Asia.

Reporters Without Borders
The organization was founded in 1985 to secure the release of journalists from prison, and to condemn attacks on press freedom. Has chronological reports of actions against the press, arranged by geographic regions, and texts of censored articles.

Libraries of Asia Pacific (LAP)
Provides a single access point for information abut the functions, services, and collections of libraries in the Asia and the Pacific areas and about regional library organizations such as Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL). Each library page has an image of the country’s flag, which is a link to the World Wide Web Virtual Library for that country.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
A very detailed report to Congress from the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, U.S. Department of State, as required by the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

Pure Land Buddhism WWWVL
Resources on sites, temples, bibliographies, documents, related art. Part of the Buddhist Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library.

Asian Studies Electronic Mailing Lists
Lists major electronic forums and listservs relating to the Asia-Pacific region, including Caucasus and Central Asia. Some annotation provided. Part of the Asian Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library.

Register of Asian & Pacific Studies E-Journals
An extensive list, with live links, of online journals in Asian and Pacific studies. Includes announcements of new online resources, directories of non-area specific electronic journals. Searchable by first letter of journal titles. Each title is annotated. Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Australian Dissertations on Asia, 1999–2000
A list of dissertations on Asia or on Australia’s relations with Asia completed in 1999 or 2000 or in progress in 2000. Compiled from information supplied by the Asian Studies Association of Australia. Listings are organized by geographic area of coverage, including “Australia and Asia.” Not searchable elecronically.

National Council on Orientalist Library Resources
The Council’s objectives “are to provide a general forum for discussion of matters of concern to librarians, archivists and scholars involved in the collection of library resources for Asian and Hebraic studies…” Has links to a number of Asia library groups.

Asia Pacific Media Educator
The journal seeks to bridge the gap between “media educators and professionals” by publishing their critical commentaries, including research notes and book reviews. This site provides abstracts or the first one or two pages of articles; full-text is available by paid subscription.

Site of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific headquartered in Bangkok; has press releases, newsletter, list of publications, information on rural and urban development, population, natural resources development, trade and industry, transport, communications, etc.

Asia-Pacific Library Conferences Calendar
A calendar of conferences, seminars, and workshops relating to the Asia-Pacific region and of interest to librarians and other information managers, with lists of relevant events back to 1997. Part of the Asian Studies and Pacific Studies WWW virtual libraries.

Dutch-Portuguese Colonial History
Information, annotated bibliographies, maps of the Dutch and Portuguese colonies. Includes information on historical remains and the Portuguese language heritage in former colonies; brief history of the Portuguese in Ceylon with a list of governors, photos of the Dutch cemetery in Cochin, etc.

Journal of Asian Business
Abstracts and subscription information for a journal published since 1989 by the Southeast Asia Business Program at the Univ. of Michigan. Contents are not limited to Southeast Asian interests. Publishes articles, research reports, reports of conferences, reviews of books and educational materials, interviews with Asian business leaders, and information on electronic data sources. Earlier title: Journal of Southeast Asia Business.

Chinese Overseas Databank & Research Collection
A new resource from ten Singapore organizations involved in the collecting, preservation, interpretation, and sharing of information on the Chinese outside China. Institutions include the Singapore Federation of Clan Associations, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, and the Chinese Heritage Center. Includes a bulletin board with information on fellowships, notices of new books, notes on current research (in Australia), and links to libraries (in the U.S.) with relevant holdings.

UCLA Asian Studies Resources
The resources include a catalog of K-12 curriculum materials, information on educational films on Asia, statistical information on Asia and Asia-U.S. affairs, in the form of graphs and tables, on demographics, urban centers, economy and trade, education, and politics.

Asia: Public Health WWW Virtual Library
Gives access to public health resources on all Asian countries, including national public health organizations, education, publications;  has links to general information about each country.

Asian Film Connections
A list of all films made in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan since 1998, including synopses, cast, length, format, availability, reviews; selected video clips.  More “Asian film cultures” will be added later. From the Asia Pacific Media Center, Annenberg  Center for Communication, UCLA.

Amnesty International Asia/Pacific Summary
Highlights of Amnesty International Report 2001 covering 2000. Includes statistical overview of the region and individual country reports.

From the Asia Society, this new site is designed as a pan-Asian information resource “to meet the need for timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia.” Includes latest news stories, worldwide calendar, articles and speeches, glossary of terms; current reports cover the APEC meeting in New Zealand and the East Timor situation.

A new site that combines the resources of the Asian edition of Time magazine, CNN International’s Asia-Pacific site, and Asiaweek. Has links to information by geographic area.

Online Sino-Tibetan Dictionaries
Contains a very large number of links to online dictionaries, including bilingual and subject ones covering, among others, Tibetan, Hakka, Taiwanese, Japanese, Hungarian, Estonian.

Asian Studies WWW Monitor E-Journal
The world's only electronic journal tracking, recording and evaluating (without fear or favor) networked resources related to Asian Studies research, teaching and publishing. Provides timely, accurate, consistent and impartial information selected and distilled from the daily recommendations of hundred of volunteer collaborators world-wide.

International Relations Conference Calendar
A database of scholarly and other conferences on foreign affairs and security policy, from International Relations and Security Network and Columbia International Affairs Online. Searchable by keyword, conference topics, organizing institution; provides URL of conference homepages. Wide coverage of Asia.

Asia Pacific Front Pages
From the Asia Pacific Media Network at UCLA, this site is an online resource for journalists and researchers of Asian affairs. Focuses on Asian media developments and public policy issues. Seeks to provide "penetrating analysis of the region's most pressing issues."

Asian Online News Service
Successor to printed newspaper Asia Times, with some of the same writers. Includes original pieces, items from Rome- and Sydneybased news services, and links to selected articles on web sites of other leading news organizations. Uses Yahoo-style search engine.

Woodrow Wilson Center Asia Program
The Asia Program of the Center, in Washington, D.C., covers the history, politics, and culture of the area from South Asia to Japan. The Asia Program's scholars in residence and public programming provide both in-depth investigation and interdisciplinary, intercultural perspectives that can permit important new insights into Asia. Meeting reports and news, list of current resident scholars, publications.