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The web site of the Japan Foundation, featuring programs and program guidelines; news, publications, databases, and links.

The Japan Documentation Center at the Library of Congress specializes in Japanese public policy information, provides current souce materials on economics, commerce and industry, law, politics, environment, social conditions. Searchable bibliographic database; document delivery service.

Culture For Kids: Guide To Japanese Traditions
The culture of Japan is one that has grown and evolved into something completely unique to its people. While some of the traditions and customs have spread to other parts of the world and influenced the traditions in those areas, Japanese culture is recognizable in all its forms. The traditions and culture found in Japan today include influences from North America, Europe, and other parts of Asia mixed with the culture of Japan from millions of years ago. Language, art, religion, tradition, and much more are all major parts of Japanese culture as a whole.

The Online Japanese Language & Culture Resource Community (JOL): Use and membership are free to the public. Japanese-Online.com is designed to bring together people who are interested in learning about the Japanese language and culture. The site includes language and math lessons, a free online dictionary, forum / BBS posting section, and a bi-weekly Member's Newsletter.

JPOLL, the Japan Japan Public Opinion Location Library, is the only comprehensive, web-based, searchable archive of public opinion data from Japan. More than 10,000 individual survey questions and answers, in English, dating from 1990 to the present, are available. JPOLL is a program of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, which maintains the world's largerst archive of public opinion data.

The Japan Information Access Project—an independent, non-profit reasearch center designed to strengthen international understanding of Japanese science, technology, industry, security, and policy; list of publications on patents, policy, electronic information, etc.

Mizuho Securities, Japan: Research and links to English-language resources on Japanese finance and politics. Extensive links to Japanese government ministries and agencies, Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, public financial corporations, electronic news sources about Japan, economic and financial data, laws, and international financial markets.

Japan’s Political Parties:
House of Councilors: http://www.sangiin.go.jp/
Liberal Democratic Party: http://www.jimin.or.jp/
Democratic Party: http://dpj.or.jp/
Socialist Democratic Party: http://wwww.omnics.co.jp/politics/SDPJ/SDPJ.htm
Japanese Communist Party: http://www.jcp.or.jp/

Japan Documentation Center: A fully-searchable web file with over 100 additions monthly. The JDC collects current public policy material, in Japanese, and also supplies English abstracts and printouts of original texts.

The independent Japan Policy Research Institute promotes public education about Japan, its growing significance in world affairs, and trans-Pacific international relations. Publishes a monthly series of working papers, ocassional papers, and JPRI Critique, which is devoted to reprints of important articles and essays.

"The JIAP [Japan Information Access Project] is a Washington, D.C.-based, independent, nonprofit research center to strengthen understanding of Japanese science, technology, industry, security, and policy." Includes publications list, membership information, etc.

Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies
Site of an international liaison and research center that encourages research on all aspects of Japanese civilization, primarily in the Kamakura and Muromachi periods. Includes an electronic guide to learning classical Japanese kana writing.

NCC: Japanese Library Resources
The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources page features conference and committee reports, text of its newsletter, links to funding organizations and library collections and organizations, FAQ, and updates on several of the Council’s projects: The Japan Journal Access Project, The Japan Art Catalog Project, The Multi-Volume Sets Project.

Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources
Links to nearly 2000 websites covering many facets of Japanese life, including arts and entertainment, history, science and technology, news and media, computers and internet, law, education, employment and internships, search engines. Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Australia-Japan Research Project (AJRP)
A joint enterprise between the Australian War Memorial and the Japanese Embassy in Canberra about Australia-Japan relations, particularly in war, from 1901–1957. Contains primary documents, including some 800 captured Japanese documents, records of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, research essays and seminar papers, bibliographic essays, research aids, selected photographs from the Memorial, glossary of Japanese military terms.

Links for Teachers of Japanese
A list of links for teachers and students of the Japanese language, with learning resources, teacher resources, bookstores, newspapers and mass media, study-abroad programs, Japanese-language computing.

Japanese Legal Research
An overview of materials available on the net and in books; annotated list of resources; functions as a research guide to Japanese law.

Japanese Text Initiative
Titles are searchable on this site by characteers or words; the texts can be searched as a group or individually. Includes the Japanese-English Dictionary Portal and a guide to accessing Japanese character texts on the web. From the Univ. of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center and the Univ. of Pittsburgh East Asian Library.

Japan-US Friendship Commission
Site of the independent Federal agency dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and Japan by making grants to programs for Japanese studies in the U.S., policy-oriented research, public affairs and education, the study of the U.S., and the arts. Includes reports, a call for new ideas, grant application information, links to related organizations.

Australia-Japan Research Centre
AJRC is a research program funded by the Australian and Japanese governments to enhance both nations’ strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific Economy. Contains information on research and teaching, publications, conferences, and links to Nikkei Database and the International Economic Database.

Japanese Imperial Administration
Official site, in Japanese only, of the administrative office of the Imperial Household.

War Crimes Records: Some 2 hours of testimony by Japanese participants in war crimes, including "Rape of Nanking," with commentary. Listen in Japanese or English with RealAudio. From the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Japanese Finance & Politics: Research and links to English-language resources on Japanese economy, finance, and politics, and to English websites of more than 500 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. From a unit of the Industrial Bank of Japan.

Australia-Japan Historical Materials: http://www.awm.gov.au/ajrp
A database of historical materials on Australia-Japan relations from 1901 to 1957, especially those relating to the wartime relationship. Also commissioned essays on historical sources, including an essay with selected images from the Australian War Memorial database. Produced by the Australia-Japan Research Project, Australian War Memorial, and funded by the Japanese government.

Readers’ Guide to Arts of Japan: http://www.asiasociety.org/arts/japan_guide
An extensive bibliography of printed materials on the arts of Japan. Citations are critically annotated.

Anime Checklist: http://www.animechecklist.net/
A complete checklist of Japanese animated figures (anime) produced in Japan since 1917. The objective is to provide a complete census of all existing anime with charts analyzing trends in the anime industry (http://www.animechecklist.net/anime_numbers.html). Winner of the Japan Reference Gold Award http://www.jref.com/cgi-bin/awards/award.cgi?action=view. as the most complete anime list

Japan GIS/Mapping Sciences Resource Guide: "The Guide is the first comprehensive reference source for Japanese." It covers remote sensing, geospatial data products, maps, activities and information sources and is designed to help English-speaking users. Includes maps issued by the Japanese government from environmental, geographic, geological, and hydrographic surveys, and those issued by various Japanese government ministries and bureaus.

Japanese Studies in Australia: http://www.arts.unimelb.edu.au/Dept/J_and_C/
Site of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia; information on the Association, Japan links, newspapers online, etc.

Teachers of Japanese Studies, K–12: http://www.diplomatsonline.org/
Site maintained by the Foreign Service Association for teachers of Japanese studies. Features lesson plans, selected articles from the Association’s journal, maps of Japan, online resource center, links to numerous online resources.

Bridge to Japan: http://www.dajf.org.uk
An extensive, annotated index of Japanese/Japan-related internet resources, including academic, arts, computing, environment, language, law, libraries, literature, politics, travel, etc. Maintained by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in the UK.

Reischauer Institute at Harvard University: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~rjis
English- and Japanese-language site of annotated resources in academic Japanese studies. Includes schools, research institutes, libraries, reference tools, news media, government and legal sites, history archives, teaching and language learning sites, scholarships, jobs, etc. Frequently updated

Japan-Related Internet Resources: http://www.daiwa-foundation.org.uk/
An annotated index, covers academics, arts, bookshops, companies, computing, economy, environment, law, language, government, living in Japan, museums, travel, technology, voluntary organizations, etc. Provided by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in the U.K.

Okinawa: The American Years, 1945–72: http://www.tamu-commerce.edu/coas/history/sarantakes/Okinawa.html
Electronic version of a forthcoming book; documents the 27-year American military occupation. Contains chronology, photos, biographical essays, annotated bibliographies of books, films, newspaper articles, oral histories), links. Created at Dept. of History, Texas A&M University, Commerce, Texas.

Japanese Materials Science and Engineering web site at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Annotated links to Japanese patent organizations, translator databases, major Japanese corporate labs, searchable database on materials science; access to professional materials science journals with links to English-language tables of contents; links to document delivery and translation sevices.

Download page for the Microsoft Japanese language support kit for use in browsing theWWW CJK-English Character Dictionary.

Site of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan, available in English and Japanese versions. Statements by the Minister of Finance, features, general administrative information, leading financial and economic indicators, Bank of Japan, Japan Development Bank, etc.

Site of the Japanese Text Initiative of the University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center and the University of Pittsburgh East Asian Library. Purpose is to make texts of classical Japanese literature available on the web. Interactive search interface allows for searching of any characters or words, in Japanese or English, in individual texts and in all texts.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan, website; daily bulletins are available automatically by registering your email address.

Web pages of the Japan-US Friendship Commission and the U.S. half of CULCON. The Commission is an independent federal agency promoting mutual understanding; its homepage contains its history, program guidelines, reports, topics of current priorty and concern, newsletter, etc. CULCON is a binational advisory panel to the U.S. and Japanese governments on educational and cultural exchange; its homepage includes information on current activities and a media directory of Japan specialists.

A very comprehensive listing of Japanese Studies resources from the Duke University East Asia Collection.

Web page of the Journal of Japanese Studies, published twice yearly. Includes guidelines for submissions, stylesheet, subscription information, table of contents (no text) of current issue, list of other publications of The Society for Japanese Studies.

An extensive kanji information site. Includes numerous fonts, code information, and links to kanji-related sites at universities in Japan.

Old Photos of Japan
An English-Japanese site for a collection of hand-tinted photographs of Japan, 1860–1920, showing foreign settlements, urban and rural scenery, culture, people, in Tokyo, Nagasaki, Osaka, Kobe, and elsewhere. The collection holds over 5000 images.

Opera Japonica
A searchable site devoted to opera in Japan, with performance calendar, reviews, interviews, performance histories, international reports.

Japan Statistical Information
From the Japanese Government's Management and Coordination Agency, Statistics Bureau, and Statistics Center; provides statistical information in seventeen categories. Requires browser capable of viewing and inputting Japanese.

Kyoto National Museum
An English-language site, with detailed graphic and text introductions to some 100 masterworks; and a searchable catalog of thousands of images of objects in the Museum's collections.

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go

Japanese Manners & Etiquette

Price Check Tokyo

Access-J Japanese Webpage Viewer
Read Japanese websites without any added software.