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Many thanks go to Philip George, Findouter Search Engines, for link verification (June 2006).

South Asia Search Engine: A search engine for South Asia, arranged by very broad topics (academics, administration, Afghanistan, etc.).

Digital South Asia Library
A global collaborative effort to make important and rare resources available to the international community by digitizing and distributing texts and images in these categories: reference sources (pedagogical books and a link to full-text dictionaries); images (photographs, miniatures, manuscripts); maps (catalogs of historical map records and historical and topographic maps); statistics (from the colonial period to the present); bibliographies and union lists (electronic catalog and finding aids); indexes (periodical article indexes, and document delivery mechanisms); books and journals; link to SARAI (South Asia Resource Access on the Internet).
"SAIR is the Yahoo! of South Asian resources." Links to other sites with information, particularly business/corporate materials.
Homepage of SouthAsiaNet, the international community of scholars of South Asia. A partnership among La Trobe University, the University of New England, Curtin University and Monash Asia Institute at Monash University.

Library of Congress Country Studies
A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, this online series presently contains studies of 100 countries.  Among those added or updated is the one on India, which includes a chronology of important events, country profile, chronological history, geographic and demographic information, religion, ethnicity, education, agriculture, foreign relations, etc., along with an extensive bibliography of English- language publications.

South Asia Microform Project (SAMP)
The Project, supported by subscribing institutions and administered by the Center for Research Libraries, acquires and maintains  materials in microform for studies on South Asia.  Site contains catalog of holdings, list of member institutions, purchase proposals, projects, new membership information.

South Asian Security
Established to solicit a wide range of views on security and disarmament in the South Asian region. Features reports, papers, directories, press releases, documents. Links to web sites in South Asia, including newspapers.

South Asian Journalists Association
Over 600 journalists of South Asian origin are part of this professional network. Site provides information about the Association; a stylebook for journalistic coverage of South Asia and the South Asian diaspora; press releases; U.S. media in South Asia; South Asian news sources; Asian American resources.

The South Asia Resource Access on the Internet (SARAI) continues to be the closest thing to one-stop shopping for information on South Asia, and is updated regularly.
From the Digital South Asia Library web site. A subscription-based service that includes over over 188,000 entries for South Asia.
Homepage of the British Association for South Asian Studies.
South Asia Analysis Group: Contains analyses and assessments of retired officers of the Government of India on foreign policy and national security issues in the form of papers and updated reports.
CNN page on Indian and Pakistani anniversaries of independence; timeline from 1947 on; quick-time movies of Partition.
On the 1971 India-Pakistan war.

Unicode for South Asian Scripts:
On the Unicode scheme for using non-Roman scripts on the World Wide Web. Part of the site.

South Asian Diaspora:
A collection of memorabilia, personal papers, correspondence, photographs, early publications, ephemera, newsletters of community organizations, etc., on the South Asian diaspora worldwide. Includes Archive of the South Asian Diaspora, bibliographic guides by country of emigration, electronic resources, etc. An official associate of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

South Asian Books from Missouri:
A U.S.-based supplier of South Asian publications, with online ordering, publishers’ catalogs, etc.
The International Tamils’ Archive, founded 1956 "to collect and preserve historical documents on Tamils in Sri Lanka and elsewhere."
Homepage of the Bhutan WWW Virtual Library. Numerous links to information on Bhutan on web search engines, USAID in Bhutan, newspapers, refugees, photographs, travel agencies, stamps, art, government, bibliographies on Bhutan, sources of publications, language resources, religion, history, and science.
A site devoted to Tamil language, its culture and literature. Distributes Tamil fonts (free), provides information on fonts, software, guidelines for setting up webpages in Tamil, e-texts of ancient literary works, lists of books, research centers, publishers, links to numerous related sites.
Ladakh Studies: Site of the International Association for Ladakh Studies, Univ. of Bonn. Provides contact among people interested in the study of Ladkh, disseminates information about proposed and completed research and publications. Connects to colloquia proceedings and Ladakh Studies newsletter; still under construction.

Vedic Studies E-Journal
“This journal is open to all bona fide scholars in Vedic studies…aim is to disseminate our work quickly.” Includes articles, abstracts, reviews and news. Edited by Michael Witzel.

Founder of the Khaksar Movement
Text and photos about Allama Mashriqi, founder of the Khaksar movement to seek a homeland for South Asian Muslim; link to the Movement’s homepage; list of books about Allama Mashriqi.

Economic and Political Weekly
The EPW is a social science journal featuring research articles on economics, sociology, political science, book reviews, analytical reviews of company performances, etc.   This site contains  full text of the current issue and previous issues, and abstracts of the contents of earlier issues.

Orissa Research Project
The Programme focuses on the Indian state of Orissa and its archaeological, anthropological, historical, religious, ethnological, artistic, and sociological significance. Contains numerous links to information on Orissa.

Theravada Text Archives
Downloadable translations from the Pali Canon, miscellaneous Buddhist books.


Indian Military & Strategic Issues
An online journal dedicated to discussion of Indian’s military and strategic issues.   “Aims to provide a non-specialist audience with a centrist perspective on issues of importance to India’s security.”  Site contains text of current and back issues.

India Update and Resource Guide
An updating of the book India: Government and Politics in a Developing Nation by Robert L. Hardgrave, Jr., and Stanley A. Kochanek. The update covers the 1999 Kashmir war, the 1999 elections, recommended new books, Indian politics on the internet, and a resource guide.

Indian Folklore Support Center
Site of a non-governmental, non-profit organization for the promotion of research, education, training, networking, and publishing in the area of Indian folklore.

Life and Work of William Carey
Carey (1761–1834) was a missionary, botanist, and linguist in Britain and Bengal. Contains information on Baptist Missionary Society, texts of gazetteers of England, Wales, and India, digital library of works by and about Carey, list of the Society’s missionaries to India, portrait gallery. From William Carey College.

Archive of Indological Resources
A wide range of resources; texts and language links, dictionaries and glossaries, transliteration fonts, art and iconography, religious traditions, journals, papers, publishers, book dealers.

Rural Technology Institute, Gujarat
The Institute, an agency of the government of Gujarat, coordinates efforts to promote appropriate technology for rural development, particularly for the benefit of local artisans and cottage industries, through research and development, pilot projects, mass communication, and extension work.
Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center; the purpose of the Center, at Columbia University, is to study Indian traditions of knowledge from the Vedas up to modern times and to promote research. Includes the Center’s newsletter, information on post-doctoral fellowships, publications, University Seminar on Indology, Ayurveda and Indic traditions of healthcare, online manuscript project, related links, more.
Homepage of the Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian People’s Party); includes Media Watch, current news related to the BJP.
A one-point source for information about Indian government web sites all levels and from all sectors.
Web site of the Lok Sabha,, the Lower house of Parliament.
Web site of the Rajya Sabha,, the Upper house of Parliament.
Full text of the interim report of the Jain Commission formed to investigate the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi; searchable by keyword.
1991 Census of India: Selected statistics from the 1991 Census Handbook (Delhi, 1998). Lists of for-sale census publications (on diskettes) by state and series (economic tables, socio-cultural tables, etc.); key population statistics; vital statistics; national and state maps; list of new publications; list of names of census commissioners 1881–1981.
Access to the All-India Radio web page.
Links to sites on India, organized by category: art & culture, business, computers, education, environment, history, humor, matrimonial, news, religion, sports, etc.
On literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora; South Asia literature online resources; E-journals; bibliographies of books by South Asian women, South Asian diaspora in English-language fiction, South Asian literature with gay/lesbian/bisexual themes, and much more.

Northeast Vigil E-Journal
A non-profit, non-partisan journal with news, views, and features on the seven northeast Indian states; includes “Mediawatch.” Some sections are still under construction.
A mailing list to discuss anything and everything about Bengal; moderated and managed by Sanhita Mallick.

The Pakistan virtual library with information on a wide range of subjects, e-mail lists; nearly comprehensive.

Pakistan: After Clinton’s Visit
An analysis paper from the Institute for Topical Studies, India.

Pakistan & Terrorism
Text of a paper by B. Raman, formerly Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, of the Government of India. From the South Asia Analysis Group; other papers are listed on the Group’s homepage.

Daily news on Bangladesh and the region.
Keeps track of leading information facilities of the Bangladesh section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and the South Asia WWW Virtual Library. General information, virtual tour, geography, economy, environment, history and politics, oral history project, ethnic issues, conference papers, search index, clubs, organizations, newsgroups, etc.

Portraits of Female Empowerment in Bangladesh
An essay, illustrated by photographs, challenging popular stereotypes of women in Bangladesh by documenting the lives of active, independent women. Links to other photographic essays on Bangladesh.

Bangladesh International Community News
News and information about Bangladesh for visitors, expats, non-resident Bangladeshis. Has free subscription to an electronic newsletter, lists of books, cultural adjustment “Expat Tookit,” etc.

Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh
Information on the highly decorated rickshas (“rickshaws”) including views, an image gallery, and several articles.


Nepal Studies Association
Covers wide-ranging interests in the Himalayan region, adjacent highland areas, and the Tarai. Includes resources for research and teaching.

An electronic network on sustainable development in Nepal consisting of 34 partners in government, NGOs, academic and research institutions.
Travel information and long annotated list of books on Nepal. Requires navigating from the home page starting from the Destinations link